1. You Are Responsible For Your Health

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1. You Are Responsible For Your Health

The fact is: responsibility for healthcare in the US today is shifting. Each of us has to play a larger, more assertive and more accountable role in our personal and family health. Health is what supports our lives, our productivity, and our future. We stand to gain—or lose—the most by how well our health fares. It's a major contributor to how well we age and the success with which we achieve our life goals. So we ask you: How are you? Think of how good health, versus poor health, affects our typical day's events. Our lives are packed full of business meetings, carpools, caregiving, investment decisions, retirement plans and even dinner plans. If our health is poor, if we are “under the weather,” think of how much more difficult and strained the day is.
Now think about how, when you are ill, the costs run up. Sometimes there are unplanned trips to doctors; other times, there are prescription medications or special services (eye exams that are not routine, for example, or extra trips to dentists), all of which run up the costs. Don't forget to add in the time off work, or the missed lunches with friends, or the inability to put more money into a retirement plan because of the cost of unplanned medical interventions—and you begin to see how closely your health is related to your wealth.



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