5. Consider Your Current Health In New Ways

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5. Consider Your Current Health In New Ways

When you look at what you are currently doing, and put the actions into a continuum, you can see where you need to improve. It's usually cheaper to improve in the categories that don't involve medical costs, such as health promotion and some risk management steps. Again, get the paper or the computer ready to record your answers
-- Healthy Active: Are you doing what you can to promote your health? Do you get the preventive screenings, eat healthfully and meaningfully, exercise for improvement, practice stress reduction?
-- At Risk: Do you know your risk factors (you should by now!) and are you keeping a watchful eye, managing them with your physician's advice?
-- Symptomatic: Have you recently been diagnosed with symptoms of disease, such as knee pain that could be arthritis, or high blood pressure? Are you taking care of the symptoms before they become acute or long-term?
-- Acute Illness: Are you being treated for an illness that has recently developed, such as bronchitis or low back pain? Is the illness keeping you from your daily functioning? Have you sought medical advice, and, just as important, are you following the advice to get well?
-- Chronic Disease: Have you been diagnosed with an illness that will probably require lifelong care, such as asthma, high blood pressure, or cancer? Are you following the medical advice for managing your condition, including checkups, medication, therapy, stress reduction, and other interventions? If not, why not? Have you discussed this with your physician (medical consultant)?



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