6. Achieve Your Vision

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6. Achieve Your Vision

Beginning right now, YOU are the Chief Executive Officer of your health, a corporation that needs to bring value to your life. The process you will work through is, in fact, called MyHealthCEO. The process begins with a vision of a healthy, energetic future. Feel free to embellish this vision to make it more personal , but remember that this CEO is head of a corporation that is going places, achieving goals because of a robust asset management strategy: preserving wealth by having health and not spending unintended monies/time/resources on the consequences of inattention to the “machine.”
All successful corporations have a road-path, a plan, a “mission” that guides the actions of the company. When the going is unpredictable or turbulent, having a mission statement will guide you through the tough times or remind you to get back on course. If you want to achieve health and wealth stability, and be able to withstand the setbacks that happen, then a mission statement will aid your journey.



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