9. Write Down Your Mission Where You Can See It

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9. Write Down Your Mission Where You Can See It

You'll be creating a work-plan to achieve your mission. But the overall goal, the energy you expend to improve your health and wealth, is to go the distance to achieve your mission. You need your health to get there. You need your wealth for the journey and to enjoy yourself when you arrive.
Keeping your overall mission handy will remind you of the behaviors that you want to keep, and of those you want to change. It will cause you to pause, reflect, then act, perhaps not every time, but more often than not.
Some folks keep their mission on the refrigerator, some on the bathroom mirror, and some in their car—on the glove compartment door. It's not in the way; it's a reminder to stay focused, that there's a long-term reason for changing actions and doing better.
Check in with your mission often; repeat it, see if it really reflects who you are. Then, find ways to reflect and re-center your actions on the mission you've created, so that your health and wealth investments are improving your assets, supporting the actions that will take you on your mission for at least the next 10 years.



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