3. Improve Your Health And Cost Savings

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3. Improve Your Health And Cost Savings

When you assign a value to your positive and negative health readings/behaviors/scores, you begin to see data that guide you to the best paths for improvement. If you are not getting regular checkups, haven't had your flu shot (unless you shouldn't have one due to a medical reason), or are not keeping up with your fruits and vegetables, you can immediately see the “aha” moment by assigning numbers--+5 means you are doing what is expected, -5 means you are not “measuring up.” Look at the negative numbers and see if there is a pattern.
Some folks do not score well because of current finances; you may not have the resources to get all the care you need. In this case, the CEO looks for other community resources: community clinics, support groups (weight loss, exercise, etc.) or friends and neighbors who will be your support. On the other hand, you may be one of those folks who say, “If it isn't broke, don't fix it.” The problem is, these “normal” measures are standardized by the medical literature. That means that you need to pay attention, because the scientific studies show that managing these behaviors forestalls medical emergencies or unintended consequences.
Remember, emergencies and unintended consequences deplete your financial resources. You want to do everything you can minimize these events.



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