10. Teach A New Skill That You Have Learned

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10. Teach A New Skill That You Have Learned

When you learn a new idea, a new skill, and then you teach it to someone else, you have “imprinted” the new behavior onto your business plan. You learn new ways of approaching barriers, and you improve your ability to learn new behaviors. Sharing creates a bond that can contribute to others in the community, and it also means that you will be able to reach out to that “student” when you need some support.
You can find others with whom to share in a community groups, in your clinical resource areas (consider sharing your new learning with your pharmacist or your physician, who can then pass the info on to someone you don't even know!).
Being the model you wish to be, exhibiting the behaviors you wish you could maintain, gets easier every time you share them with someone else.



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