3. Link Your Health And Wealth Goals

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3. Link Your Health And Wealth Goals

This book is about linking improved health to improved wealth, what we call the health-wealth portfolio. Therefore, when you are setting goals for decreasing risk or managing a chronic disease, as an example, think about linking the health goal to a wealth goal.

As an example, you may choose to lose the one inch around your waist in order to reduce abdominal fat, and therefore to reduce your risk for heart disease, diabetes and cancer. Now, link this goal to a wealth goal: by losing the inch, you will save the money you might have spent on new pants because your waistband is getting too tight. Or, you may not have to increase your blood pressure medication because your blood pressure came down with the loss of fat/weight [be sure to check with your physician about proper medication dosing; don't do this yourself].
The more you think about health goals, link them to wealth goals. Keep reinforcing the link so that you change your thinking about your health to a savings plan or extra cash plan that works!



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