5. Never "Time" Your Health Market

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5. Never "Time" Your Health Market

In stock investing, the common rule is to not time the stock market. That means that you do your homework, analyzing your stock with valuable tools that tell you the price per share, the earnings per share, the status of equity ( does the company know how to manage its assets), etc.
In health investing, it's the same dynamic. You get tools that help you analyze the management of your health. You get regular check ups, you get your flu shot and your other preventive tests (chest X ray, electrocardiogram, etc.) and you manage your ongoing conditions as prescribed. You don't try to “time” the health by saying, “well I don't need to stop smoking now because I don't have a cough or any other signs of lung disease.” You know you're doing something really bad for your health, and, down the road, you are going to “pay” for it, with increased care costs, possible lung cancer, and other breathing issues.
If you smoke, stop now. If you are skimping on medicine, stop now. If you are not getting regular check-ups , get going. Saving money by skipping health management that is proven to deliver better outcomes—that's the same as “timing” the stock market, and very few people make money; most lose.



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