9. Give Yourself Small Rewards

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9. Give Yourself Small Rewards

When you are on a winning streak, take time to celebrate. Make the celebrations groove with your goals. Did you accomplish 5 days of walking this week? Enjoy a quiet cup of tea, or allow yourself a quiet hour of reading a great novel.
Not every “reward” has to cost money. Often, it's the pleasures of life that mean more. After your walk, take a moment to enjoy the sunset (or sunrise) before you move to the next task you must accomplish. Rejoice in the blue of the sky, or the incredible wonder of a star-filled sky.
On your next walk, share some time with your best friend—2 legged or 4-legged! Get your friend to walk with you, and see who can get up the hill faster. Take your dog for a walk and watch the unbridled appreciation of nature that she displays.
It may sound hokey or childish, but put a gold star on the calendar for every day that you accomplish your goal. After all, you are a winner….find a way to reward your soul for the achievement.



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