1. Managing Your Health Is A Learned Skill

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1. Managing Your Health Is A Learned Skill

Managing your health as an investment portfolio is a skill that builds over time. You are building a lifeplan to improve your health and wealth. This requires a business plan, just as a corporation's Chief Executive Officer develops a plan for achieving corporate wealth. You do some research, you assemble some tools, and you choose the best consultants and teammates to ensure the success of your organization.
You have the same needs as that CEO: build a business plan that will allow you to manage your health, assemble your consultants and teammates, and set your plan in motion. As you move forward and accomplish your goals, you'll learn to better measurement tools, take more time to consider the next goals. You'll increase your health-wealth skills and you'll revise your plan as needed to keep building your health-wealth portfolio.
The hardest part may be shifting your focus away from the cost of health and towards investing in health. But this is how a CEO manages a company: what resources will be required to keep the company vital and strong? That's an investment question, and one that you need to think about, keep revisiting, and develop new skills for improving.



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