6. Consider Your Health Across The Continuum Of Care

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6. Consider Your Health Across The Continuum Of Care

You need a total health plan in order to achieve optimal health and wealth. Your actions, your assets and liabilities, across the total health continuum, can help you see where small changes and big ones will deliver the best results.

Think of the continuum as a recipe for an asset-rich soup. You can't make a good soup with only water, you must add vegetables, perhaps some meat or chicken, some herbs, and more. You have to shop all the aisles of the grocery store. It's the same with your health and your wealth. You can't just focus on the seatbelt, you must also consider if walking to the store is actually better for your health altogether (you get exercise AND the groceries!).

Considering the total picture is where you began to see what actions you were doing that would impair your current and future health-wealth status. You can see how much time you are focusing on your risk/symptom/condition management as opposed to focused time on the healthy part of your life.



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