8. Set Challenging, Achieveable Goals

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8. Set Challenging, Achieveable Goals

Create a targeted business plan that gives you measurable goals to achieve your vision. Revisit that plan at predetermined intervals so you can once again determine if you are on the best path for success. Remember the rankings: it's most important to support good behaviors first. Not moving to a higher-risk category is the most important thing that you can do for your long-term health.

Consider the choices you make in achievable goals. Some of these, in every category, should be fairly easy to accomplish (such as making the appointment, AND keeping it, for your cholesterol check or flu shot). Some of these may require more information, more supports, and more effort (such as managing stress). This is where you begin to consider who you are using for consultants: your clinicians, your health plan website or care managers, reputable news services or publications. Remember, don't just accept your neighbor's advice; check it out, seek references that are worthy before you adopt new ideas or treatment.



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