Celebrate Your Health!

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Celebrate Your Health!

You have learned so many skills, and you are on your way to practicing, building skills and competencies that will take you to new levels of health improvement. Practice using investment terms when you are discussing your health, like “lower fat is a great investment for my heart health,” or “taking my medicine is a small investment to keep me from running up insurance bills.”
It step along the way is another reason to celebrate life. Remember that our reality is shaped by our words, our deeds, and our vision. Create a healthy, prosperous vision of yourself, for now and into the future. Multiply that vision by surrounding yourself with others who see life fully, and who are motivated to improve themselves, their community, and their relationships with others. Pause for pleasures that are natural, without guilt or remorse, enjoying the sunshine if it pleases you, and even, sometimes, enjoying the rain.
Take a few moments each day to check in with your self and re-fuel for the accomplishments of the day, including better health and another wealth dividend. Reach out if you need some help, and reach out to help someone else.
Smile and keep moving forward. You can accomplish what you can envision, and the view is always more expansive when you look forward.



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