6. Cut Through The Clutter

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6. Cut Through The Clutter

If you've ever invested in the stock market, you know that there is a lot of advice.
Sometimes it's hard to cut through the noise, but the most important and consistent messages in stock investing seem to be:
1. do your homework
2. consider your options
3. hold on over the long haul.
4. re-evaluate on a regular basis.

These are the best rules for managing your health-wealth portfolio as well. Consider your personal health management right now: where can you make improvements? What may need to wait, and for how long? Who can help you make significant changes? What are your choices? How will this affect your health and your wealth? And how will it affect your joy in life?
Investment or value-based decisions consider how much to allocate and what the expected return on investment will be. They allow you to take a short amount of time to plan our actions so we have a long amount of time to enjoy the good health that comes from our plans. You can't always see what's coming down the road, and, try as you might, you won't always make the best choices. But, if you've put supports into place, minimized our risk, and achieved some success in the short-term, then you will continue to achieve success even if unforeseen events throw you a curve.



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