2. Health, Mind And Money

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2. Health, Mind And Money

“If you have your health, you have everything.” Fundamentally, we all believe that a life with poor health is a life of lesser quality. Think of how good health, versus poor health, affects our typical day's events. Our lives are packed full of business meetings, carpools, caregiving, investment decisions, retirement plans and even dinner plans. If our health is poor, if we are “under the weather,” think of how much more difficult and strained the day is.
How strange, then, that the most profound decisions we make– the ones that influence our daily performance and long-term quality of life – are usually made on the fly. We devote little, if any, consideration to alternatives, side effects, or impact and outcomes, all of which have direct influence on our financial health. We make decisions on care, treatment, outcomes and costs only when the condition gets bad enough to go to our doctor. Yet, with planning, we can control decisions in a way that puts the money into our investments—increasing our wealth while we maintain or improve our health.



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