3. Building Your Health And Wealth

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3. Building Your Health And Wealth

Consider the short-term and long-term WEALTH consequences if you don't plan for a healthier life. Faith in our ability to plan for an optimistic future has been a central core component of the American culture. But changes in pensions, Social Security and Medicare/Medicaid may put our abilities to manage our health into our retirement in jeopardy—unless we become more involved. Planning for a better, longer life, with money to do the things we enjoy, requires also planning to manage our health better. If we manage our health, devoting the same time and resources that we would devote to managing our investment portfolios, we can plan for less health expenses and more dollars in our pocket. If you are spending less on health care costs, AND you are taking good care of yourself, following fitness and nutrition advice, seeing your doctor regularly, and treating conditions as prescriptions for improvement, then the total costs of your health will not escalate past your allotted resources. Yes, accidents do happen, but we can each manage to avoid unexpected medical expenses by being more involved in our everyday health management. Limiting those unforeseen expenses means we have more dollars to use for other life activites.



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