7. Investment Strategies Support Longevity

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7. Investment Strategies Support Longevity

The decisions you make for better care can support a much more productive, active, and quality-filled life. Consider it from the perspective of your car: You change the oil and rotate the tires in order to keep the car running well (healthfully) for as long as possible. IF the red light comes on, you take the car for service almost immediately. Why, because you don't want to be caught without brakes on the highway, or overheated on a country road.
The same is true of your health. You need to consider the investments you are making into your personal health account. What are you eating? How much are you moving? Are you following doctor's orders for managing any health risks or conditions so that they don't get worse? Are making those INVESTMENT decisions that keep you out of the hospital or physical therapy?
If you are the most important “item,” then you must spend a bit of time tending to the “important item.” You must consider a new focus of putting health investments into your health bank account. It's time for you to invest in your long-term health so you don't make unplanned withdrawals from the health account, preserving the “wealth” of your account for the future. You save health now, let it increase, and have it available for later in life, when there are, usually, more repairs needed. Just like the older car…..



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