8. Get “Healthy, Wealthy and Wise”

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8. Get “Healthy, Wealthy and Wise”

As innovative American consumers, why shouldn't we use the same thinking for our own health management? Why shouldn't we consider what we are investing in our health assets (deposits) and what we are spending (withdrawals) in a systematic, proactive way? It's time for us to make INVESTMENT decisions in our health that increase our total value, much like the CEO does.

Therefore, here are the key points that can re-focus our thinking and actions. These 3 points can actually make us healthy, wealthy and wise.
1. WE are the most important shareholder in our personal health.
2. WE make the decisions that influence our shareholder value.
3. WE make the investments in our health-wealth portfolio, increasing our personal wealth.

When you act on these 3 key points, you are actually creating a health bank account that can deliver dividends to your future. You are taking the responsibility for the actions today [fewer unplanned withdrawals] that will result in more cash available now and later [invested actions, like cash, increase the value of your health investments]. Think of it this way: you are wise to invest in your 401K for future spending dollars. You are also wise to invest in your personal health so that less dollars go out in the near-term, and more are available for those times when, as you age, you may need it.



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