9. Making Your Health Your Investment Strategy

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9. Making Your Health Your Investment Strategy

A total investment strategy for financial improvement considers putting saved dollars into a financial portfolio. You can translate that strategy to a Health-Wealth Portfolio, by saving unintended costs for poor health now, and investing those saved dollars into a savings account, too. By improving your health, right now, you begin to create health savings that can be used later when the need arises. Spending all of your health dollars now, through inappropriate actions that result in inappropriate use of healthcare resources, is a expense strategy; it has no return on the dollars spent. Getting a positive return on dollars spent, which is an investment strategy, increases wealth through savings gained when unexpected health expenses are not incurred..
When we change to the asset/investment mind-set, then we get ahead of the reactive health decisions that have drained our resources. When we consider the methods, the behaviors, and the outcomes that bring us better health, and we change the ones that don't, we can increase our ASSETS by not draining our investments, not having health expenditures—because we manage our conditions, rather than experiencing acute flare-ups or worsening. When we increase our INVESTMENTS, we increase our HEALTH-WEALTH PORTFOLIOTM. That means we are planning for a long-term, healthy and managed lifestyle that allows us to achieve the performance and the joy that we all deserve.



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