10. Ignoring Your Health Is A Poor Choice

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10. Ignoring Your Health Is A Poor Choice

It doesn't matter if your insurance is paid by an employer, the government, or out of your own pocket. You have choices that will profoundly affect your personal health and long-term finances. This book will help you understand your current health, the choices that you face in the short term and the long term, and the influence you can have on your long-term health and your long-term wealth.
Return to the checkbook analogy: you make money, you deposit the paycheck into your bank account, and you withdraw money to pay for food, home, electricity, school, car, and so forth. Now use that analogy for your health checkbook: you see your physician and you follow his or her advice. You don't make unplanned withdrawals from your health checkbook, and the money draws interest—you get add-on benefit by fewer withdrawals for less and less sickness.
It doesn't matter if you work in sales, service, education, labor, professional management or home management. Regardless of your chosen profession, your health is your business. Your personal health drives your financial health, and it's up to you to stay profitable.



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