1: YOU Are In Charge Of Your Health

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1: YOU Are In Charge Of Your Health

We all grow comfortable with our routines and how we handle certain issues. This book asks you to re-evaluate some of those routines and how they influence your current conditions and risks. Then, and only then, can you take a closer look at serving your long-term health.
Health insurance gives you financial basis for your health investment, but it doesn't guarantee health. You have the responsibility to ask the questions and seek the information that makes sense in YOUR value-system. Does your doctor recommend a treatment that is not covered? Ask more questions; sometimes a covered expense is not the best option for your health. It's a menu, not the magic pill. And how, when, and with whom you use your insurance has an influence on your wealth, too. After all, YOU are the person who is responsible for co-pays, treatment follow-through, and more. You get to make the decisions on how much time, money, and effort you want to spend to manage your health condition. AND, these choices result in how much time, money and effort you will have to spend later, when it could be more expensive because of poor choices now.



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