2: Your Doctor Is Only A Consultant

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2: Your Doctor Is Only A Consultant

A doctor is only one piece of the partnership; the one with the medical expertise. You are the expert in what you've tried before and how your body responds to things. You have the right and the responsibility to ask the questions and provide the feedback. Remember, you are the biggest stockholder and have the most to gain or lose with any treatment decision. You want a good result, you don't want a relapse or worsening of the condition, and you don't want to spend unnecessary dollars. To achieve that, you must communicate openly and honestly, making sure your doctor uses words you understand, about your expectations and how he or she can help you achieve them.
You know about having list when you visit the doctor. But, do you take a pen or pencil in with you, too? After all, the doctor is going make the recommendations. Just like a financial analyst, you are using the doctor as a medical analyst. You, as the primary personal health decision-maker, must get all the facts, consider any consequences, and then act on your decisions. Also, you must report any unforeseen side effects, new developments, and so forth. That's the same as watching the stock prices in your 401K: you want to increase your wealth, so you check the progress and adjust the allocations. Same thing for your medical analyst: check the progress and make the adjustments together.



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