5. Don't Rely On Someone Else To Look Out For You

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5. Don't Rely On Someone Else To Look Out For You

Life is so uncertain; planning is useless. …And any one of us could be struck by a moving car tomorrow. In truth, you simply can't rely on employer insurance, paid days off, community clinics or emergency rooms to support your health. You can't assume that the government will support your health, or that retirement benefits will be maintained. You must make the move now to take the right steps, or you may pay for your lack of health management in a poorer quality of life for years to come. While some things in life are out of your control, there are many life situations you can manage and control. It's about believing in your future and a better quality of life. It's about understanding that you hold the power for better outcomes and better financial stability.
It's cheaper to make small investments, take better actions, today than it will be in the future. When health is not managed well, when you ignore the risks and early interventions that give a better outcome, the risks rarely go away. They get bigger, and they cost more to fix in the future. The most powerful actions today—eating better, moving more, and being compliant with your medical treatments—will result in fewer expenses now and in the future. It's never too late to change your actions to improve your health.



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