6. Manage Your Existing Conditions

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6. Manage Your Existing Conditions

If you have an existing condition, particularly one that will be with you for a long time (chronic condition, such as diabetes/asthma/hypertension/cancer), then it's even more important to become the CEO of your health. Chronic conditions that are well-managed cost less and they have less impact on the overall quality of life. As an example, if you have diabetes, consider the implications of not being proactive, not managing your disease well. You can suffer nerve damage, loss of eyesight, loss of fingers/toes/limbs. If you have asthma, just how many trips to the emergency room are necessary before you realize that it's cheaper to use the inhaler? And cancer—there are early detections that can identify the disease before it spreads; there are new treatments that can modify the course of the disease. Keeping chronic disease in check is much more cost-efficient than treating the spread of disease or the disability that results from not managing it.



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