7. Investing In Your Health Is Not A Fad

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7. Investing In Your Health Is Not A Fad

Regardless of whether you buy into the terminology and framework, the process of personally managing your health, through health improvement and condition management actions, works and it's well-substantiated. Taking charge of our health gives us a better quality of life, more money in our pockets, and more security for our well-being. Creating a method for making decisions based on value—measuring the return on investment against the consequences—can get you to your goal and maintain your financial well-being— the wisest platform for health management. There may be higher costs in some instances, but these are investments in the personal asset of your health. The better you manage this important asset, the higher your return on the investment, and the richer your portfolio.
There is documented evidence that the more risks you incur, the more costs you will incur. Your employer and your insurance company know this; so does your physician and your pharmacist. That's why they want to help you manage your health more efficiently. Reducing your current and future risks will result in better overall health and less withdrawals from your health-wealth portfolio. Just like putting money in your savings account results in more spendable cash for the future.



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