8. Reframe Your Health Thoughts

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8. Reframe Your Health Thoughts

Did you ever ask a runner why he or she runs? There may be some vanity involved, but it's hard work, and it's hard to get up the next day and do it again. Yet, as one client confided: “My doctor says if I'm not moving I'm dying.” Most runners, most folks who invest in their health, will tell you they do it as a long-term strategy for feeling better, performing better, having more energy for other life events, and pushing disease into the future.
You are not alone in considering your health as a fundamental to a wealthier life. By investing in your current and future health, you are “banking” that you are creating a better return on your investment. Of course, no one can see into the future. But you can “hedge your bets,” “play the odds,” or, in healthcare terms, “model the consequences” of your actions. When you create the financial model of investing now or investing later, you will discover that the odds are with you right now; it gets more expensive in the future to treat the condition or poor health behavior that you ignored today.



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