9. Your Health Is Your Financial Business

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9. Your Health Is Your Financial Business

The health care industry has the technology and research for improvements in health, but there exists a great gap between what is possible and how it affects the individual. That gap exists in part because of the disconnect between personal health accountability and the access to health services. Making health decisions based upon the value of the investment, in immediate and long-term rewards, in current and future health care consequences and costs, can result in better personal and financial performance. “Health” is a not a one-size-fits-all solution. It means different things to different people. By considering the short-term and long-term value of health investments—“does this action mean I won't have to go to the hospital for a procedure,” or, “will eating this food every day mean my diabetes will get worse and I could lose my eyesight in 10 years”—it becomes obvious that value-based decisions can redefine the life you want to live far into the future. Decisions need to be based on an investment strategy that says, “I have a vision of a healthy and well-financed future for myself. Therefore, I need to make choices now and later that will not drain my health or my wealth.”



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