10. Steps To Value-Based Health Decisions

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10. Steps To Value-Based Health Decisions

This handbook is an overview for considering better personal health management by considering the investments—in time, attention, and resources—that you spend on your health. The construction of the book is a platform of value-based decision-making: understanding the information (data), including the assessment of your current health and potential decision-points for improvement. Using the same kind of tools that you use to track your checkbook or your savings account, you can re-define your methods for increasing your most important asset, your health. By practicing some short-term actions that result in personal health gains, and tracking the improvement in your well-being, you will learn to evaluate new ideas and build them into your health-wealth plan. Every choice you make about eating, moving, controlling stress, getting regular checkups, following your physician's advice—all of this contributes to the debits and credits in your health account, and these debits and credits are “paid for” in your wealth account.
The road to better health performance, to an enhanced asset line, to a more robust health-wealth portfolio, will be reinforced with unique add-in tools that make it personal for you:
You can change your vocabulary to investment-based words, and you can reframe your personal health strategy as an investment in lifelong, right-now financial health. Using new words to define a new investment strategy will lead you to improve your health decisions for investments in your health-wealth portfolio. There are no wrong decisions; but every decision you make has a consequence. If you use the CEO mindset, owning the decisions, being accountable to the shareholders (you and your significant others) and evaluating the returns on your investments, you will be able to make better decisions for a healthier, financially sound future.



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