2. Know Your Personal Health...Today

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2. Know Your Personal Health...Today

Your age, sex, race and health history all play a part in your current health profile, a picture of your health assets. Take a high-level picture of your health as of today. Remember, the idea here is to begin to show you where you can make some new decisions to impact your personal health.
1. What illnesses or diseases are you currently being treated for? List them all, as well as the treatments (prescriptions, therapies, etc.) that your doctor recommends. Note, too, if you are sticking with the plan recommended by your doctor—we call this adherence. Are you adhering to his or her treatment plan? If so, that's great! If not, why not? Better to get a grip on these answers right now….
2. What positive health steps do you take? Do you exercise regularly, eat balanced meals, curb your alcohol, and avoid tobacco? Do you wear your seatbelt at all times in the car/train/bus? Do you eat 5-8 servings of fruits and vegetables every day? Do you maintain a recommended body weight?
3. What is your waist measurement? If you are a man, is it under 40 inches? If you are a woman, is it under 35? if not, you could be piling on abdominal fat, a risk factor for heart disease, diabetes, some cancers, and other debilitating diseases--diseases with high costs that will deplete your health-wealth portfolio.



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