4. Consider Your Health By The Activities And People You Enjoy

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4. Consider Your Health By The Activities And People You Enjoy

Do you love to be outdoors? Do you adore chocolate? Then it's important that you don't give up your passions, but, instead, use them to your advantage. You need to think hard about short-term and long-term actions that increase or decrease your assets, it's true. But you also want to live a life that's enjoyable, and only you can define that joy.
Start to think about the people and activities you really enjoy, that you look forward to. Do they bring you pleasure over and over? Is there any regret—like the incessant increase on the scale due to the momentary pleasure of ice cream? Is this a “cost” that you are willing to bear? Are you prepared to workout 30 more minutes each time you eat the ice cream? If not, are you prepared to buy increasingly larger clothes? If you buy the clothes, will you have less dollars to put into a savings account? How about your blood pressure from all the excess calories and fat? Are you prepared to be on blood pressure medication the rest of your live?
Now you begin to see that each action has a resultant health AND wealth consequence. Since you are responsible for both your health and wealth, you need a plan to manage consequences. Perhaps eating an ice cream cone once per month, while weekly putting the dollars saved from purchasing new clothes or co-pays for medication, will keep you on track. Perhaps scheduling a 40 minute walk with your oldest child, sharing thoughts and plans, can help you to stop eating so much ice cream….and increase your family time and exercise time.
You want to plan for the right outcomes, including improved health and wealth. Start writing down the “Value” of your family and activities that you want to enjoy….and see how, when you do the “depletion” activities, you are also depleting the enjoyment you get for the long term.



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