6. Pause, And Reflect

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6. Pause, And Reflect

It's time for some reflection, to reinforce what you've learned. You have done a lot of thinking, measuring, and consideration to this point. Now, it's time to record your thoughts and ideas for action.
It may seem “hokey” to create a written account of your actions and emotions to them. However, by keeping a journal, you begin to see patterns of thoughts and behaviors that either cause you great joy or perhaps great grief. By identifying those positive or negative patterns, the opportunities for change become apparent. If you regret eating the ice cream each time that you buy it, and you record this regret, you will see it pop up and know that, in this case, it's time for you to stop buying so much ice cream. If not taking your medicine is causing you to feel poorly and become distracted at work, then clearly taking the medicine is the better action. If not having energy to be with your family or go for a 2 mile walk is distressing you, then you will find the time to go for the walk…if you have written it down.
Remember, you can't manage what you don't measure. You are measuring the efforts—positive and negative—that you are making towards more health and wealth. Write it down and see if there is a credit balance in either your health your wealth account.



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