7. Be Honest About Your Actions

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7. Be Honest About Your Actions

You ARE the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of your health assets. You hold the data and the power to improve the investments you make in both the health and wealth portfolios. It's time to consider the actions you do to improve the “healthy/active” section of the healthcare continuum.

This is the first section of the health care continuum. In this section, you look at your current state of health through the lens of “what indicators do I have that I am in good health and what actions am I doing to preserve that health?”
In order to understand exactly how your actions are affecting your health checkbook, think about the questions asked below. RECORD your answers and manage what you measure.
--What actions do you currently do that preserve or improve your health? [example: I record all the food I eat every day…]
--Exercise (how often, how long)
--Sleep (how many hours per night)
--Preventive health check ups (how often) [ideas: breast self-exam, prostate screen, etc.]
--Nutrition (maintain a proper weight, eat low fat foods, …)
--Community (connected to a good support network—family, friends, church, etc.?)
--Maintain scheduled follow-ups and visits with physicians
--Limited alcohol use (how much do you drink each day, each week?)



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