9. Your Emotional Health Is An Important Factor

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9. Your Emotional Health Is An Important Factor

CEOs recognize that the environment and culture of an organization contribute to the overall morale and the ability to “get things done.” This section asks you about your physical and mental/emotional condition. It may be a surprise to you that there are questions asking about mental health, but there is clear evidence that real physical pain can develop from under-managed or mismanaged depression and anxiety. So, be honest. Mental health is just as important to your health-wealth portfolio as your physical health is.

--What hurts you physically? This could be a joint pain (knee or elbow or back); it could be a dull pain in your abdomen…
--Does this pain keep you from enjoying any activities or get in the way of your work?
--Do you look forward to each new day, or have you felt anxious or depressed more than 5 days of the previous month?
--Do you get frequent headaches? If so, how do you treat them?
--Does your heart ever race?
--Is your vision clear and focused (if you wear glasses/contacts, consider how well you see with them).
--Do you have any unusual lumps, bumps or redness?
--Do you get frequent colds? Sinusitis?



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