10. Be Honest About The Acute Illnesses

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10. Be Honest About The Acute Illnesses

Acute means “of the moment”—this is something that is currently causing you pain, distress, a general feeling of “not feeling well.” Acute means you either have been to the doctor recently or you are considering going within the next 24-48 hours if you don't feel much better. Are you currently under the care of the physician for a new illness or a flare up of symptoms?
Are you currently taking any prescribed medications that are limited in time (such as an antibiotic for bronchitis, NOT an asthma inhaler)
Are you taking any pain medication? For what? Who prescribed it? Is this a recurring flare-up?
Have you fallen or had a recent X-ray for joint or muscle pain?
Are you taking aspirin/other over-the-counter pain medication for a new ache or pain?
Are you in rehab/physical therapy for a new condition, or one that recurred with flare-up?
Have you been treated in the emergency department or after-hours clinic recently? For what? Does this happen often?
Are you experiencing any complications from a condition or disease that may be long-term? For example, if you have diabetes, how is your eyesight? Are your toes/fingers in good condition, or are they causing you worry?



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