2. Identify Your Passions

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2. Identify Your Passions

Improving health and wealth requires daily, weekly, and monthly/yearly upkeep. By identifying those actions and people who contribute pleasure to your daily experiences, you can create the passion to improve your health—and your wealth!
Changing behaviors can be an awesome experience. You need to identify, early, the people who can keep you motivated. You need to identify, early, the pathway to the best future that you can envision, and add your favorite people, pets, activities, and more, to the list of the items that will be with you in your future.
In order to keep from becoming overwhelmed, once again, you'll need some paper or the computer. There's no need to look for a new person, activity, or inspiration each time you need one; write down those folks, actions, and places that give you the most pleasure. It can be your pet, your nearest park, the holidays with family….anything that gives you pleasure you will keep you motivated to stay on course. Keep your list handy.



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