7. Create A Mission: A Healthy, Active Life

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7. Create A Mission: A Healthy, Active Life

Your mission is the flag you carry that tells you how to perform. It is the rallying message, the one that keeps you focused when you want to detour. It is the short sentence that you repeat each time you are stuck in a decision., unsure about the investment you are about to make. It clarifies, defines, and reinforces the movement to our healthy future. It's simple and concise.
What mission will move you toward the vision of healthier and financially well in 10 years? Here's an idea:
“My mission is to enhance my strength and energy in order to perform impressively, to inspire my clients and to create memorable experiences with my family.”
This is one mission statement; it works for the person who values performance, inspiration and family.. It can be enhanced through increased health and wealth that support the performance. Imagine how increased health can create more energy, more brain power, more productivity for the “performance.” Imagine how increased wealth, money that is not spent on sick care, can create more opportunities to explore and learn, to travel, to reach out to others, all of which will enhance our performance levels and experiences.
Think about the mission you are undertaking: Where are you going, what will you change—or what will change because of you—when you get there?



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