8. Support Your Mission Statement

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8. Support Your Mission Statement

Anything that detracts from this mission is NOT an investment; it's a withdrawal that does not produce the health outcome –performance, inspiration, experiences—that you desire. You can adopt it or modify it. It's important that you create a mission statement that you can “own,” and that uses your passion.

The 3 steps of a Health-Wealth Mission Statement
Step 1. Choose your 3 most meaningful, purposeful, and exciting verbs—the action words that will shape your future activities. Consider what you are passionate about, what you do naturally, what you are here to give and receive. These do not have to be health-related. Some examples might be: perform, develop, capture, or create. These are your core actions. Write them here.

Step 2. Identify your most important, most valuable activities and/or people: what drives your passion, your action? What causes you to get the most out of life? When are you the most “jazzed”? Now, narrow this down to 3 words. Consider ranking the order…putting the most important value first, such as nurturing, re-inventing, inspiring. Who are the recipients of these actions (family, pet, clients, community…)

Step 3. Now, consider how health can support or detract from your actions, passion, and intent. Remember, this is a mission for your managing your most important asset: your health. Write 3 health-related words that will support the actions that you identified in Step 1. Add an action word(s) that shows how you will manage your health to achieve your goals. These become your health actions. You may want to “increase strength and energy,” “develop a new active hobby,” “stay active and prevent heart disease,” etc.

Now, construct your mission statement:

(1-3 health-actions FROM STEP 4) [example: to enhance my strength and energy]


(insert core actions/people FROM STEP 1) [example: in order to perform impressively and inspire my clients]

SO THAT I CAN (another action) [example: create memorable experiences]


(Recipients of your values/actions STEP 3) [example: for my family and friends]

Now: write your mission statement in this space:

There you have it. Now you know what your health mission is. Check it out again; repeat it, see if it really reflects who you are. If not, modify it so that you comfortable. Then, find ways to reflect and re-center your actions on the mission you've created, so that your health and wealth investments are improving your assets, supporting the actions that will take you on your mission for at least the next 10 years.



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