10. Your Mission Will Change

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10. Your Mission Will Change

CEOs also know that corporations can change their mission because new technologies, new competitors, or other changes influence the market. It's the same with you…you can change your mission.
But your values and your core actions probably won't change. You will value the things you've identified. If it's your family, you'll continue to value these people. If it's business success, then that value will continue to influence your behaviors. So be honest about your passion, about what really drives your energy up. Congruence—the “lining up” of your actions with your energy—happens when you are completely honest about your intent. That's how you identify your passion, and it's how you formulate a plan, a road-map, a flight-path for change. If you assume someone else's passions instead of identifying yours, you will always have conflicting goals and an unattainable mission.
Improving your health and wealth is achievable when you harness your energy to achieve the goals that are important to you. Get honest and write it down. Look at it often, modify if you need to.



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