1. Everyone Has 24 Hours In A Day

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1. Everyone Has 24 Hours In A Day

You have 24 hours in a day. During that time, you care for yourself and your family, your work inside or outside your home, you contribute to your community, you attend school, you run errands…with the same 24 hours that everyone else has.
This chapter will walk you through a plan for improving your health actions so that your overall health also begins to improve. This process is built on the idea of T.I.M.E. , 4 steps that include
1. the Target for improvement,
2. the Investment in the improvement,
3. the Measures for success (or the return on the investment), and
4. the Evaluation of progress.
You are on a level playing field with every other CEO in the health improvement universe, because you all start with the same number of hours to identify the target, make the investments and move on them, measure your achievement, and create a process for doing better.
These are fundamental decisions for how an organization deploys resources to achieve business objectives. In this case, your business objective is to improve health and wealth in order to achieve your mission, which you identified in the preceding chapter.



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