4. Prioritize For Short And Long-Term Actions

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4. Prioritize For Short And Long-Term Actions

Now that you have all of your “to-do” items in one place, you can see which of the items are pretty easy to accomplish, and which will require diligent focus and careful watching..
1. Review the listing above. Which of the actions are fairly simple and can be accomplished right away? Suggestions for consideration are: throwing away all open junk food (and giving unopened food to the food pantry); filling my prescription that ran out, (get on the phone and do it now). For every action that is simple and quick, put a 1 next to it in the chart above.
2. In the list again: which of the actions require at least 2 steps to accomplish? Suggestions include: I can begin walking but I have no walking shoes (so you must 1/buy the shoes, and then 2/begin the walking); I need to refill my prescription but I have to see the doctor first (so you must 1/visit the doctor, and 2/ fill the prescription). Put a 2 next to all of the 2-step actions.
3. In the list one last time: which of the actions require a longer-term commitment? Suggestions include: lose 35 pounds (this won't happen in 2 steps, right?); get a mammogram for the lump I've felt in my breast (again, a multi-stage process). Put a 3 next to these items.
You have now identified which of the actions are most easily accomplished.



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