5. Identifying The Actions That Improve The Return On Your Investment

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5. Identifying The Actions That Improve The Return On Your Investment

Again, MyHealthCEO causes you to pause and think. How much of your resources will be devoted to longer term investments that actually will deliver the best results—improvement in your health and wealth—so that you achieve your mission (where you want to be in 10 years)? Can you achieve some early wins so that you stay motivated. And, how many resources can you devote to one or two actions that will be amortized (spread over) several improvements?
This last question is important. For example, if you have a high risk of heart disease and you are overweight, then losing the weight will lower your risk factors. But it will also help guard against back pain, stress, some cancers, and more…so that, in effect, you are amortizing your investment of healthier food choices and exercise across several correlated conditions to heart disease. The Chief Executive Officers looks for ways to invest once but get multiple returns…and so do you.
But you don't have to start with the easiest investment, and you don't have to start with the hardest. You do have to start with the most important one(s) for your immediate health. Fill the prescription, get your flu shot; these are fairly easy to accomplish. The items you can do immediately are called the low-hanging fruit, but they are not always the most important. If you have identified a serious threat to your “corporation,” then take care of it immediately. In the examples above, finding a breast lump or having chest pain requires immediate action—call the doctor now!



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