6. It's OK To Start Small

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6. It's OK To Start Small

This is called building competency. When you achieve an early win, it propels you to try more and see what else you can accomplish. It may not be the most important item on your list, but it can give you a sense of accomplishment that can reinforce your intent and keep you motivated.
People who identify their target and WRITE IT DOWN, understand what the steps (investment) are that will achieve success, clearly define success (measurement), and revisit their progress periodically (evaluation) are the ones that achieve sustainable change. They create the confidence to succeed because they can see their progress.
Think about it this way: You go on a wild spending spree. You write checks, make charges on the credit card, all without keeping track of how much you are spending. Then the bills come due, and you are surprised, maybe appalled, because somehow, you forgot a few “outlays” here and there, and there's not enough cash to pay the bills.
Not many CEOs can afford to do this? What happens to a CEO who doesn't have a clue about how much money is being spent? Or, who overspends and runs a financial deficit? How long will stockholders put up with this undisciplined financial behavior? How long can you put up with undisciplined health behavior?



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