7. Creating The Plan For TIME

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7. Creating The Plan For TIME

By using the acronym T.I.M.E., you can begin to create a plan for achieving your health/wealth goal. The following questions will help you create the T.I.M.E.worksheet.
1. What is your TARGET? Choose one of the items from your to-do list:
What is the time that you think it will take to achieve this goal?

If the time is longer than 30 days, re-state the target for a 30-day goal (example, if you say you will lose 35 pounds, that's a longer-term goal; now, restate it as a 30-day goal: I will lose 8 pounds). Notice that we don't say “want,” but “will.” “Will” means that there is no wiggle room; “want,” “try,” are words that imply failure is an option. Failure is not an option.
2. What INVESTMENT is needed to achieve your goal?
Do you need special equipment? Do you need to see your doctor/nurse, etc? How much time each day will it take for you to accomplish your goal (the time investment for exercise, for example, isn't the same for taking a pill…)
Who else is INVESTED in your goal?
Do you have a friend who will meet you at the gym? A trainer? Is your work colleague also changing his/her lifestyle—can he/she be a support? Do your kids want you to succeed? List everyone who has a vested interest in your success. GO PUBLIC—it keeps you and your supports motivated to achieve success.

3. What MEASUREMENTS will tell you that you have achieved your success? When should the success measures appear?
To paraphrase the great ballplayer Yogi Berra: If you don't know where you are going, how will you know when you get there? How can you hold yourself, or your partners, accountable? How often do you need to measure? Example: if you are losing 8 pounds this month, then every Friday you need weigh 2 pounds lighter!

4. How will you EVALUATE your success? When will you revise your plan?
Perhaps you didn't lose the 2 pounds this week. In order to achieve your goal (remember, failure is not an option) you must cut back on calories and kick up the exercise the next week. That's a planned evaluation and revision to stay on course.
Now you have T.I.M.E. for action!



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