9. Get Inspired

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9. Get Inspired

Bernice was in a health club, spinning on her bike and asking questions about making the same kind of changes that you are. She, like you, values the opinion of the certified and experienced instructor, so, she was asking, “How long should I work out, how hard, how often…” and the instructor responded, “What are your goals?”
Bernice thought about it for less than 10 seconds and said, “I want a healthier future, so I can play with my grandkids and enjoy my husband. It's not about the weight; that's secondary; it's about having my health so I can do the things that are important to me and my family.”
How about you? What are your goals, and what are reasonable expectations for achieving them? Are you like Bernice, with some long-term and very-important goals that require long-term commitment? Do you also have some shorter-term goals that can contribute to your “everyday” wins?
Find the opportunities to create the shorter term goals, as celebrating smaller wins will keep you motivated to achieve the ones that take longer.



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