10. Time For More?

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10. Time For More?

How do you know when it's time to manage more intense change or multiple changes at once? Consider these questions:
Will adding more goals or targets increase the pressure enough that you could buckle if thrown a curve? In other words, if you are increase your exercise to 5 hours per week (1 hour each day) and also start a church/community project, which will take precedence? What happens if the car breaks down? Will this derail any of your plans, or are you feeling competent enough with your new actions to adjust and keep going? If the answer to “derail” is yes, then don't add any more.
Is the new addition something that requires a phone call and then action at a later date, such as scheduling a physician appointment? If so, get the appointment booked now. This is not a hard item to accomplish.
Do any urgent important items first. Make the appointment to get the lump checked, then go after the low-hanging fruit. Throw out the junk food now, then buy the shoes and start your exercise program. This may seem simple, but, when you are making life changes (or when you are “running a corporation”), sometimes the list can grow so long that you actually use the list itself as an excuse. Put a date next to each item that makes you deliver on your promise of action, and get it done! No excuses.



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