1. Health Affects Activity, Mind, Money

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1. Health Affects Activity, Mind, Money

You know what it takes for getting healthy and keeping good health:
1. Genetics that provide the basis for long and illness-free life.
2. Healthful eating and regular, vigorous exercise to maintain a lean body weight and reduce joint involvement, chronic disease, and rapid mood swings.
3. Following doctors' orders on self-care and treatment plans for both acute and chronic conditions.
4. Preventive care that includes regularly-scheduled tests, screenings, and inoculations.
5. Money saved up for the unforeseen accidents, disease developments, and crises.
The question now is, are you perfect? Like many people, the answer is probably “no.” Many people do their best to get regular exercise and eat healthfully; and they check in with their health advisors, maintain adequate insurance, and wear seatbelts. But, like you, they get sick, they have accidents, and life does not always recognize that they are behaving as “perfectly” as they can.
The goal in this chapter is to provide you some numbers, or values, for risks, behaviors, and lifestyles that you can change. The values are measured by actions, so they do not considering genetic risk, although it does play a role in lifelong health. Instead, the focus is to provide a measurable way for you to understand the impact of poor choices on your health, and, ultimately, on the achievement of your mission and vision.



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