2. Heads Up! Is Your Health Worse?

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2. Heads Up! Is Your Health Worse?

The question “Is your health work, the same, or better than last year?” is an indicator for higher costs of care in this year. It means that you know, or you suspect, that your health has declined. You may have some indicators that your health is not as good as last year; you may have had a diagnosis of disease, or you may have re-injured a joint that you injured many years ago. You may have recently gained a large amount of weight, or you may not be taking your medications as prescribed. No matter the reason, it's time to take more focused action: get the joint examined, take your medications as prescribed, get to the doctor for a full check-up, and get to it now. You, as CEO of your health, have consultants ready to help you; your doctor, your pharmacist, your local health club, your insurance company, all want you to get healthy and be healthy.
The question “Do you feel confident to manage your health or make health changes?” is an indicator that you may be setting yourself up for failure. Can you scale back your goals for improvement and still feel successful? Can you enlist some additional help—again, through the clinical consultants or the insurance/employer assistance programs—to achieve your goals? Is there an on-line community or self-help group that can assist you in your movement to improve?
Don't waste time…get some help now.



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