4. Understanding The Value Of Investing In Your Health

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4. Understanding The Value Of Investing In Your Health

The reason you answer the high-level screener provided is to use it as a simple screening tool to provide input on where to put your resources for short-term and long-term achievement of goals. You may already know how you want to proceed, but this lets you compare across potential health outcomes, using a simplified formula. Again, fill out the worksheet on the next page with your answers on a scale of 1-5 (instructions are shown).
The value-based equation provides a quantifiable way to consider that changes that deliver value for our health. Value is defined as quality divided by price times risk times reward, and divided by time to goal. The actual formula looks like this:
V= (Q/P) x (Risk x Reward)/Time
If you have a computer, this is a good time to open an excel spreadsheet. If you are doing this by hand, get your calculator now. While this formula may look complicated on first glance, when you work with it, you will find that it gives you some very concrete information upon which to base behavior change decisions that will affect your health-wealth portfolio.



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