7. Another Way To Look At The Value Of Your Efforts

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7. Another Way To Look At The Value Of Your Efforts

Why is using this equation a valid measure? First, because it builds on a common economic equation for value, which is V=Q/C (value equals quality divided by cost). But, because there are few personal standards in quality measures across conditions and diseases just yet, you are being asked to insert a personal measure of quality: what is the improvement in your quality of life if you make the change?
Second, you are pushing the “cost” concept to make it more real to you: you are linking the risk of continuing the current behavior times the reward for change and dividing this over time [a rudimentary cost/benefit analysis]. These numbers, when applied evenly across your concern for conditions or habits, can help you compare urgency of condition modification. The pressure is on for you to make a lifestyle change that will improve your overall health and wealth.
To state it again, take care of the most pressing problems: if you have a lump in your breast, get to the doctor. If you are not taking your blood pressure medication as prescribed, get back on track. If you need some help, ask…there are resources in the community who can and want to help you.



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