5. Be Inspired By People Who Have Succeeded

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5. Be Inspired By People Who Have Succeeded

Stuart has managed his eating and medications well, but resisted any exercise after he had his angioplasty. No amount of coaxing could get him to exercise. 10 years later, Stuart underwent emergency bypass surgery.
Life changed for Stuart. Compliant with treatment, he travels for his job and exercises when he travels, watching his portions and his fat intake.
“Until I did the worksheets, I understood that I was doing my best to reduce the risk of another heart incident. But now I understand exactly what it could cost me, in terms of days missed from work, rehab costs, and even the reduction in joy while I recuperated—because I wouldn't be able to do the things I normally do every day. The costs were great, and I'm working hard to keep them down.”

What have you learned about the behaviors you are doing and their effect on your health?

Name 3 behaviors that are improving your everyday health:
Why do you do these?

Name 3 behaviors that are derailing your health:
How will you change the behaviors right away?
How will this improve your health, and over what time period?

With whom will you share this information? When?



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